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Animal Control Services is committed to providing animal related services to the residents of White Settlement by promoting the core competency principles of managed intake, animal transfers and owner responsibility. You can reach Animal Control by calling 817-246-1043 or by emailing. If Animal Control Officers are out on another call, please leave a detailed message with callback information and a staff member will call you back as soon as they can. 

Animal Emergencies
Sometimes animal related emergencies occur after hours. The emergency line for Animal Control Services is 817-246-7070, option 2. Some possible animal related emergencies are: 

  • Aggressive dogs at large
  • Injured animal
  • Animal bites

Lost Pets
Losing a family pet can be a scary and sad event. If you've lost your pet, there are several steps you can take to help locate them. 

  • Notify Animal Control Services so we can help be on the lookout.
  • Check your microchip and tag information with the microchipping company to help track your pet.
  • Check with neighbors. Sometimes the neighbors see them outside and hold them in their backyard until you are home.
  • Call local Veterinary clinics, sometimes people drop off pets there.
  • Visit websites like Paw Boost or Lost my and report your missing pet.
  • Use social media. There are several local city pages on apps like Facebook or Instagram where someone might have posted a found pet on the website. Also do a Facebook blast on your page and ask several local people to share.
  • Use treats and favorite toys to lure them home. Call them using your favorite exciting expression!
  • Set up a sensory area. Leave a towel or an article of clothing with your scent on it. If your pet is disoriented it might be attracted to your scent and follow it home.