Our park system has several pavilion shelters in various sizes for you and your family to enjoy throughout  the year.  Perfect for gatherings, small events or simply to take a break in the shade from your park activities.  Below is a listing of each pavilion facility and featured amenities.


Pavilions are available for public use; however, if you would like to reserve a specific location, day and time you can rent the facility for your private use.  Look through our many rental options and call our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to make your pavilion reservation today.

Click HERE to rent a pavilion.

Rental Pricing

Rental prices for pavilions include:

  • Refundable Deposit: $50-$250
  • Rental Charge: $80.00-$220.00 
  • They have 3 Hour minimum
  • Additional Tables and Chairs: $30 (6 tables & 36 chairs)
  • Electricity: $25 (select pavilions)
  • Water: $10 (select pavilions)