Utility Billing Customer Information Update

In order to better serve our City of White Settlement customers we are requesting updated contact information. We have updated our services available to customers and adding email addresses to our customer profiles will allow for new notifications for customers. An updated phone number will allow for better contact with customers. You can electronically fill out and submit the form by going to the CUSTOMER INFORMATION UPDATE FORM.

Payment Extensions (residential only)

Residential utility customers can receive two payment extensions per year. Only one extension can be used at a time. These apply to the current bill only and you must request the extension prior to cut off day. If you do not fulfill the terms of your first payment extension, you forfeit your second extension for the year. Your first month’s bill is not eligible for a payment arrangement. To request a payment extension, download and fill out the PAYMENT EXTENSION FORM, then email it to along with a copy of your driver’s license. 

Request a Senior Exemption

Residents age sixty-two (62) or over may request a waiver of penalties and late fees on their account. The waiver applies only to residential account holders who occupy the premises. To request this exemption fill out the SENIOR EXEMPTION FORM and bring it to City Hall or email it to

Apply for a Leak Adjustment (residential only)

Ordinance 2229-03 provides that a customer may apply for an adjustment of their water bill because of a significant increase in water consumption that can be proven to be the result of a leak past the water meter in the water line serving the service address. This form is provided for customers applying for water leak adjustments only. The information obtained from the customer shall be attested by the customer’s signature. Proof of leak (receipt copies and/or pictures of damaged parts and/or pipe(s)) shall be attached to this form. Only residential single-family or multi-family accounts with separate meters are eligible. To apply for a leak adjustment fill out the LEAK ADJUSTMENT FORM and bring it to City Hall or email it to

Apply to use a fire hydrant meter

Those wishing to use a fire hydrant meter must first fill out and return an Application for Use of Fire Hydrant Meter. Customer must provide a deposit and a copy of business card for business entity. Fire hydrant meters can be picked up in the Utility Billing department at City Hall.

Pay by Bank Draft

Pay your city utility bill the easy way by bank draft. Monthly payments are drafted directly from your bank account on each due date. Please provide a voided check or a letter on bank letter head with routing and account number and complete the form here and bring to City of White Settlement, 214 Meadow Park Dr, White Settlement, TX 76108 or email to

Apply for Water Service

To set up your water service with the City please fill out the WATER SERVICE APPLICATION and then either bring it into City Hall  or email it to You will also need to provide:

  • A lease agreement if you are renting or closing papers if you just purchased the property
  • Money for a deposit
  • A valid U.S. driver’s license or identification card

Deposit must be paid at time of application. Residential deposit is $100 for owners and $150 for renters. A non-residential deposit is determined based on 90 days of anticipated utility bill. Utility Bills are due 15 days after billing date (ex. Billed 30th due 15th, Billed 15th due 30th). Any unpaid balance is subject to a 10 percent penalty after 5 p.m. on due date. Customers are at risk for termination of service (cut-off/disconnect) for non-payment 22 days after billed date and a $25 admin fee on date of disconnect. A $25 non-sufficient funds fee will be assessed for all payment methods returned.

If you require assistance, please come into City Hall and speak to a Utility Billing representative or call at 817-246-4971.