Bidding Information

Request for Proposals & Bids

Request for Competitive Proposals and Bids for services and products will be posted on this website and in the Star Telegram Newspaper. Electronic bids can be submitted to Public Purchase. See competitive submissions for proposals and bids currently being accepted in the City of White Settlement.

Bids Awarded Fiscal year 2019-2020

2019-008Well site 5 & 6 improvements11/5/2020Dake Construction$578,500.00
2019-009Clifford St. Project11/5/2020Reliable Paving$2,474,950.86
2019-010Pemberton St. Project11/5/2020Reliable Paving$1,895,641.30
2020-001Towing3/3/2020A-1 Towingvariable
2020-002Hackamore St. Project4/7/2020Reliable Paving$586,593.10
2020-005Tumbleweed Ln. Project7/7/2020Reliable Paving$1,718,197.70
2020-006Medical & Prescription Drug Coverage/Dental Coverage9/1/2020Blue Cross Blue Shield (Medical & Prescription)
United Concordia (Dental)
2020-007McEntire-Lakeview Ridge Utility Improvement project12/1/2020Tejas Commercial Construction, LLC$217,943.00