Stormwater Management

View of a Creek

What Stormwater Is

Stormwater is any water that flows overland when it rains. It enters storm drains and local waterways like streams, creeks, and ponds. Other types of water that enter the storm drains or flows overland and into local waterways have the potential to affect the quality of our stormwater.

Report a Stormwater Problem

You may be surprised by the things that can become pollutants if they find their way into storm drains, sewers, and creeks. The following can all be damaging:

  • Animal waste
  • Fertilizer/pesticides
  • Litter
  • Motor oil
  • Soapy water from washing cars
  • Yard clippings

If you see or suspect there is a stormwater pollution problem in your neighborhood, please report it by calling 817-246-4971, ext. 221 or by using our ONLINE FORM