Does the library have ebooks?

Yes. You can access downloadable audiobooks and ebooks from the North Texas Libraries On-The-Go digital collection via Overdrive. Log in directly through Overdrive here, or navigate there through the library's catalog here. Your screen should look like this:Logging in to Overdrive

Click "Sign in" in the top right-hand corner and choose White Settlement Public Library from the drop-down menu. From there you'll sign in with your library card number and phone number - just like logging in to the catalog. 

Overdrive has two mobile apps for patrons accessing the collection through their phone or tablet. The original app is called Overdrive and is compatible with most devices. The new app is called Libby. It is easier to set up and has more features, but it may not be compatible with all devices.

Give us a call at 817-367-0166 or email us at with any questions.

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