Winter Quarter Average

What Is Winter Quarter Averaging?

Winter quarter averaging (WQA) is a method of stabilizing your sewer charge by calculating an average sewer usage for the next twelve months. This is an alternative to the old way of calculating sewer charge where it was was tied to your water usage, gallon for gallon. This means that for every gallon of water you used, you paid the sewer charge on that same amount of gallons of water. WQA is done by taking your water usage during the months of November, December, January, and February, dropping the highest, and averaging the three remaining months. That average becomes your set sewer usage for the next twelve months. 

Why Did We Adopt Winter Quarter Averaging?

City leadership wanted to find a way to stabilize the ever increasing costs of water and sewer rates imposed upon us by Fort Worth. Following the lead of other suburbs in the area like Weatherford, Keller, and North Richland Hills, White Settlement adopted this new method in March of 2018 to help address this issue. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Method?

  • A fixed sewer usage that doesn't fluctuate with the highs and lows of water usage throughout the year
  • Consumers can directly control their sewer usage average
  • Summer activities like watering the yard, filling up pools, power washing, and washing the car no longer impact your sewer usage

chart showing the difference in sewer charges on a winter quarter average system

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just opened my utility account with the City?
To establish a winter quarter average you must open your water account prior to November. Otherwise, you will pay sewer fees for all gallons of water used until the following year when you establish your winter quarter average. 

What things can I do to lower my winter quarter average?
Limiting your water usage during the months of November, December, January, and February will have a direct impact on your winter quarter average. The fewer gallons of water you use during those months the less your winter quarter average will be. Make sure to fix any water leaks or toilet issues immediately during these months. If you do fix a leak, apply for a leak adjustment with Utility Billing so the leaked water doesn't count against you. Call 817-246-4971 to learn more about leak adjustments. 

Why do I pay for sewer?
Water and sewer are two different things. The City of White Settlement does not own or operate sewer treatment facilities. Every gallon of sewer is sent from your house out to lift stations, where it is then pumped on to Fort Worth's treatment facilities. Your sewer fees cover the charges from the City of Fort Worth as well as required maintenance, operation, and upkeep of White Settlement's sewer infrastructure.