This month’s Volunteer Spotlight is on three ladies from the Senior Activity Center, Kathy Armstrong, Susan Daves and Ruthie Whitfill from the Senior Council.  These ladies help raise funds for the Senior Council to distribute throughout the year. At every senior event these ladies greet attendees and work the table selling a variety of items to raise money to support their cause. Some of their causes include a yearly scholarship to a Brewer High School Senior as well as contributions to some activities at the Senior Activity Center. They also identify new opportunities to raise funds for the center. These ladies also encourage members to participate in all activities and be more socially active to create a more vibrant experience. Kathy, Susan and Ruthie, your dedication as a volunteer is an inspiration to others.

Volunteering has its social, mental, and physical benefits for people of all ages. But these benefits truly reveal themselves for seniors, who often have more times on their hands, are less physically active, and engage less with the community than the average resident. Millions of seniors 65 and older volunteer every year, and make up 25 percent of the volunteer population. Here in White Settlement the percent of senior volunteers is 64 percent. We are grateful to have such an active senior volunteer community. One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time. It takes the dedication of committed volunteer leaders like Ruthie, Susan and Kathy to empower other senior volunteers to assist in helping the Senior Activity thrive.

Pictured is Kathy Armstrong and Ruthie Whitfill. 


helper helper promo imageVOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

The City of White Settlement tries to provide opportunities for our residents and other interested parties to get involved! We have partnered with Helper Helper to make volunteering around town easier than ever! To sign up for Helper Helper:

1. Go to the Helper Helper website HERE
2. Follow the instructions to create your account
3. Click the "Find Opportunities" button to see what volunteer opportunities are currently available

Once you've created your Helper Helper account, you can also download the free Helper Helper app on Google Play or iPhone stores.  

If you have any questions about volunteering or the Helper Helper app please contact our Community Volunteer Coordinator by emailing kwsb@wstx.us or calling 817-246-5012.


To learn how to take part in our Adopt-A-Street program click the image below!

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