What common obstructions/issues will cause me to be skipped by the trash/recycling truck?

Frontier Waste Solutions trucks utilize an extending arm to grab your carts and empty them. That means that your carts need to be clear of any obstructions such as parked cars and mailboxes. Make sure that each of your carts has a few feet of clearance on each side and are clear of any obstructions in front of them so the truck has no issues grabbing them. Also, be sure that your carts are facing the correct direction. Backwards carts cannot be picked up and will cause you to be skipped.

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1. Do I have to get a trash cart?
2. When do I wheel my carts to the curb?
3. What common obstructions/issues will cause me to be skipped by the trash/recycling truck?
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5. Can I place lawn/leaf bags out alongside my cart?
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20. How do I know if an item is recyclable?
21. Do I have to rinse out bottles/containers before putting them in my recycling cart?
22. Why is it important to only put items that can be recycled in the recycling cart?
23. Can I recycle plastic grocery bags in my recycling cart?
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25. When can I place out my bulk pile?
26. Where should my bulk pile be located?
27. How large is a 7 cubic yards bulk pile?
28. What can I include in my bulk pile?
29. What items are not allowed in my bulk pile?
30. Can my bulk pile include trash/garbage?
31. What do I do with my excess bulk?
32. How do I request an extra bulk pickup?
33. Where can I buy clear garbage bags that can be used to set out lawn clippings and leaves with my bulk pile?
34. Can I put loose trash into my cart or does everything in it need to be bagged?
35. Why is it such a big deal if the lid on my cart isn’t closed all the way?
36. Are there any restrictions on how big limbs can be in my bulk pile?
37. Where do I place my carts for pickup?
38. Do I need to write my name or address on the trash/recycling carts?
39. Can I put my cart on the street if I live on a busy road?
40. Where am I expected to keep my carts between pickup days?
41. What happens if my cart gets damaged or stolen?
42. Can I give back my extra cart if I no longer need it?
43. Is it possible to order a smaller cart?