Around the City

Welcome to "Around the City", the new digital newsletter for the City of White Settlement. In each volume, we'll take a deeper look into the things happening in the City and in the surrounding area. 

VOLUME 6 - MAY/JUNE 2023                  VOLUME 5 - MAR/APR 2023newsletter cover around the city volume 6 man sliding down waterslideAround the City volume 5 cover

VOLUME 4 - JAN/FEB 2023                     VOLUME 3 - NOV/DEC 2022
digital newsletter covers, shows picture of bus with holiday decorationsATC Vol 4 cover                                                                     

VOLUME 2 - SEP/OCT 2022                   VOLUME 1 - JULY/AUG 2022Around the City vol 2 cover ATC Vol 1 Cover