Meter Replacement Program

The Meter Replacement Program is a focused undertaking to address outdated infrastructure around the City. Over the next several years, the City is working to replace every water meter & transmitter in White Settlement. New water meter technology provides residents with an unprecedented level of information and control over their water use. This is done through the intuitive EYE ON WATER app. Please head to the LINK to learn more about EYE ON WATER and then download it for iphone or android phones to get the most out of your new water meter.


The residential meter replacement program is underway now and there are several ways to know when you can expect your new meter/transmitter. Below is a comprehensive map showing all of the different sections of the City. Click on the map to enlarge it. A physical version of this map will also be available for viewing in the lobby at City Hall. Check this page regularly as we'll be updating you on what sections we're currently working on. When your meter is replaced, you'll also receive a blue door hanger notice at your home. 

UPDATE 10/26/2021: Meter/Transmitter replacements are continuing in section 1 but unfortunately the pace has been slowed. This is due to a supply shortage of the needed meters and transmitters. This has made it difficult to obtain the needed amount of meters and transmitters to maintain our desired pace set in the meter replacement program. We are continuing to make every effort to obtain more inventory of meters and transmitters. 

UPDATE 7/20/2021: Meter/Transmitter replacements will begin in section 1 over the next week. If you're having trouble finding your location on the map, you can also check which section you are in by looking at the account number on your water bill. Account numbers beginning with 01 and 09 will be included in this first section of replacements. 

meter replacement map