Waste Services

2022 Waste Services Residential Survey Results

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graphic showing a person holding a cell phoneResidential Trash Service

Collection is offered to White Settlement residents twice a week

Monday & Thursday - south of White Settlement Rd.

Tuesday  & Friday - north of White Settlement Rd.

Timing - Place tied trash bags out no earlier than 7pm the night prior to pick up

Placement - in front of house near the curb, free & clear/away from all obstructions

Size - Each bag and/or bundle must be under 50 lbs. each

 Acceptable Items - Tied plastic trash bags, and tied/bundled limbs less than 4'in length

Unacceptable Items - Hazardous waste, tires, unbagged trash, electronics, appliances, gasoline, oil, medical waste, construction & demolition debris

Unsure or Have Questions - Call Waste Connections directly at 817-222-2221

Bulk Pickup

Curbside bulk pickup collection is offered to White Settlement residents once a month. Bulk Pickup week is always the second full week of the month.

When to set out - the bulk placement period is always the weekend prior to bulk pickup week. No bulk items may be placed out after the weekend is over. 

imagesA7REHFIUPile size - Your pile should be no larger than 6' wide x 8' long and 6' tall(10 cubic ft. max), the size of a Volkswagon Beetle

Pile Placement - in front of house near the curb, free & clear/away from all obstructions(mail box, water & gas meter, trees/landscape, in the street, vacant lots, side streets(for corner lots), parked vehicles, fences, power lines, etc)

Acceptable items - tree limbs, brush, furniture

Unacceptable items - tires, hazardous waste, electronics, appliances, construction materials, trash (loose or bagged), construction & demolition debris, medical waste, oil, gasoline, paint, car parts, dirt & soil, concrete debris

Unsure or Have Questions - Call Waste Connections directly at 817-222-2221


Recycling OptionsRecycling center

The recycling station is located at 8212 Albert St.  Open daily for residents of White Settlement to recycle household items.  Dumpsters are emptied every Monday, Thursday and Saturday each week.  Do not leave items outside of the recycling dumpsters if they are full.  Not for commercial use.

For a list of what we do and do not accept at the recycling station, please reference the table below. 

broken down boxesnon-broken down boxes
sorted items in paper bags onlyliquids
clean paperpaint cans
magazinesaerosol cans
aluminum containers (emptied and rinsed)aluminum foil
glass containers (emptied and rinsed)sorted items in plastic bags or boxes
plastic containers (emptied and rinsed)packing materials (styrofoam, bubble wrap, foam, etc)
steel containers (emptied and rinsed)plastic #6 (toys, cosmetic bags, CD cases, etc.)

containers with food material or grease

Grease/Cooking Oil Recycling

The Recycling Drop-off Station at 8212 Albert Street is a grease/cooking oil recycling bin. Grease and cooking oil clog up pipes and can cause costly issues when not disposed of properly so now you can bring all of your household grease and cooking oil to the Recycling Station for safe disposal. All the grease/cooking oil that is recycled here gets turned into biodiesel fuel.

Hazardous Waste

White Settlement residents may obtain a free HHW voucher from utility billing (in person on Wednesdays and Fridays or drive-thru on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and take your materials directly to the City of Fort Worth Environmental Collection Center located at 6400 Bridge St., Fort Worth, TX 76112, go online to https;//fortworthtexas.gov/env/ecc or call 817-392-1234 for specific days and hours of operation.