EDC Meeting

There will be an Economic Development Corporation Meeting on Tuesday, November 10th at 6pm. Technical issues will not allow the agenda to be viewed on the city’s website. The agenda is posted at City Hall. To view the agenda, please click the link below:

EDC Agenda

Public Forms

 The following forms are available to assist the public in communicating with your municipal government. Please select the form and print. Each form will provide you with contact information regarding submission of the form.

Board and Commission Application for New Applicants (complete this form to apply to be considered as a member on a board or commission)

Board and Commission Current Member Application for Re-appointment (complete this form to be considered for reappointment to a board or commission)

Meeting Public Comments form (complete this form to speak on a specific agenda item, or to show support of or opposition to a specific agenda item)

Request for Public Information (complete this form to request documents available under the Public Information Act)

Damage Claim Form (complete this form if you and/or your property received damage as a result of neglect of the City, for example a manhole cover damaged your vehicle, city equipment damaged your mailbox, or the like)

Request for item placement on City Council Agenda (complete this form to request an item be considered for discussion and action at a future council meeting)

Request for Proclamation (complete this form to request a proclamation be presented by City Council)

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