Holding Facility (Jail)

The holding facility is located at the Police Department at 8900 Clifford Street, White Settlement, TX 76108.  The phone number is (817) 246-7070.  You can call or come by to check to see if someone is in custody.  The Jail is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Persons arrested for criminal offenses and outstanding warrants are brought to the White Settlement Holding Facility (Jail) to be booked and processed into the Criminal Justice System. The process includes collecting information such as the person’s name, address, reason for the arrest (criminal charge(s)), and inventorying of personal property. A photograph and fingerprints are taken as well. Prisoners are allowed to place limited free telephone calls once the booking process has been completed. A prisoner also has the opportunity to make collect phone calls from inside their cell block.

Once a person has been booked into the Holding Facility, they are set for an arraignment.  An arraignment is a formal meeting between a judge and the prisoner. The judge informs the prisoner of his or her charge(s), reads the prisoner their rights, and advises the prisoner of the bond amount.  Arraignments are generally held daily, usually in the mornings, but may occur at alternate times.

Prisoners being held on Class C misdemeanor charges (usually traffic offenses) can be released by paying the fine with cash, released for “time served” after acquiring enough jail credit given by the Municipal Judge, a combination of jail credit and cash, or posting a Bail Bond (if charge(s) are bondable).  Checks and credit cards are not accepted.  There is not an ATM machine available at the Police Department and payment must be for the exact dollar amount.

Prisoners arrested for Class B misdemeanor charges or higher, may be released after their arraignment by posting the bond at the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department Bond Desk located at 100 N. Lamar Street in Fort Worth; by contacting an attorney; or by contacting a bail bond company.  If the person is being held on a Class B misdemeanor charge or higher, and their bond has not been posted, the person will be transferred to the Tarrant County Jail after their arraignment and the case has been accepted by the District Attorney’s office.  The Tarrant County Jail is located at 100 N. Lamar Street in Fort Worth, TX 76102. The phone number is 817-884-1212.

Visitation is available on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10 a.m.  Visitation is limited to 15 minutes with a maximum of 2 people allowed per visit.  Visitors must be appropriately dressed, be at least 17 years of age, present a driver’s license or state issued identification card and have no outstanding arrest warrants.

Personal items of convenience and money may not be contributed to the prisoner’s property. Prisoner prescription medication in the prescription bottle with the prisoner’s name on the bottle will be accepted and dispensed in the prescribed manner.

The only property items that may be released are Cash, Keys, and Credit / Debit Cards.  Prisoner property will only be released after the prisoner grants signed permission authorizing the release. To claim prisoner property it is necessary to complete a property release form and present a driver’s license or a state issued identification card.