Accident Reports: The charge for an accident report is $3.00. Please wait three days before requesting a report, as officers have up to 72 hours to complete an accident report.

Alarm Permits:  Individuals and businesses must have an alarm permit by city ordinance.  The permit is $25.00 which is valid for two years.  You can download the application permit from the link at the right side of this page.

Fingerprinting: The police department provides fingerprinting services for the citizens of White Settlement.  The fee is $10.00

Impounded Vehicles:  Vehicles impounded by the police department are stored at A-1 Wrecker Service, located at 3032 Ramona Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76116 (817) 244-0043.  You will need to present a valid Driver’s License and Proof of Ownership (Vehicle Title). Storage and towing fees must be paid to A-1 Wrecker Service before they will release the vehicle.

Open Records Request:  Individuals may request information by completing an Open Records Request Form and submitting it to the department.  The Records Division has 10 business days to fulfill the request. Please submit a telephone number with your request for contact purposes.  You can download an Open Records Request form from the link on the right side of this page.

Prisoner Detention Facility:  Individuals arrested by the police department are held temporarily at the jail until transferred to the Tarrant County Jail or bonded out.  The White Settlement Police Department jail will only accept bonds or cash. (Cash must be for the exact dollar amount.)

Prisoner Visitation Hours:  Individuals may visit persons held at the facility on Tuesday and Saturday at 10:00am. Visitors must arrive early and present a picture ID before the visitation.

Sex Offender Information:  Sex Offender Information can be found on the DPS public website: https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffender/index.aspx