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Maps The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division is part of the Public Works Department and is responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining various city maps. Additionally the GIS Division is responsible for working closely with developers, contractors, and engineering firms, to supply them with the necessary GIS data to help complete various city projects. The GIS Division has recently begun assisting both Code Compliance and the Police Department with GIS software and training that will assist with their daily activities. All maps created by the City’s GIS Division are considered open records and are available upon request. Electronic copies (such as those in PDF format) are available at no charge. Printed copies are also available for a fee.

Sex Offender Ordinance Map Floodplain Analysis Map
Zoning Map Subdivisions Map
White Settlement Cleanup Map Yard of the Month Map

Links to Sex Offender maps and list:

Sex Offender Map

Sex Offender List

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