City Secretary

The mission of the City Secretary is to support, facilitate and strengthen

the City of White Settlement governmental process by: 

  • Maintaining the integrity of the legislative and election process; 
  • Safeguarding and enriching the records management processes;
  • Assisting the City Council in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities;
  • Improving public access to municipal records and other information;
  • Enhancing public participation in municipal government processes.

The City Secretary is an officer of the City appointed by the City Council. The position is a statutory position required by State Law and City Charter. The City Secretary serves several capacities, including, but not limited to:

  • Administrator of City Council Meetings, Notices and Publications
  • Administrator of City of White Settlement Code of Ordinances
  • Chief Municipal Elections Officer
  • Records Management Officer
  • Controller of Council Legislation
  • Controller of Municipal Contracts and Agreements
  • Filing Authority of Claims against the City of White Settlement
  • Filing Authority of Conflict of Interest Forms for Public Officials and Vendors
  • Coordinator and Filing Authority of City Boards and Commissions
  • Administrator of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Applications
  • Administrative Secretary to the Economic Development Board of Directors
  • Public Notary


White Settlement City Secretary Amy Arnold



Amy Arnold holds the Texas Registered Municipal Clerk’s designation through the Texas Municipal Clerks Association Certification Program. This program ensures that Texas City Secretaries and Municipal Clerks are trained and educated with the latest laws and procedures regarding their official duties. Amy also holds the Certified Municipal Clerk designation through International Institute of Municipal Clerks which grants this designation to Municipal Clerks who complete demanding education requirements. Amy is an experienced, executive municipal government professional with oversight responsibilities that include official recording and record-keeping of Council action, managing the records management program, administering municipal elections, and holding and maintaining the City Seal.