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Garage sales this weekend

1417 Heidi Ct.  (Sept. 20-22)

430 S Las Vegas Trail  (Sept. 22-23)

104 Normandale  (Sept. 20-22)

317 Mirike  (Sept. 21-22)  ESTATE SALE

9228 N Dodson  (Sept. 20-21)

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New Water Bill Breakdown

Beginning in September you will notice some changes to your water bill. With many of you asking for more information about your water usage and charges, we’ve responded with a design that gives more detailed information about what you’re being charged while presenting it all in a way that is easy to understand and see. Here is what the old water bill that you’ve been receiving looks like.

municipal water bill

And here is what the new water bills look like.

municipal water bill

As you can see, there are a few new sections on the new water bills. Here’s a rundown of all the major changes.

chart showing water usage and chargesThis is an all-new section that breaks down your water usage according to the tiers of usage. This will allow you to see not just how many gallons you used, but how much you paid for those gallons. Being on a tiered system, you pay different amounts based on how much water you use. As you can see on this bill, the first 5000 gallons fell within the base & tier 1, meaning the base rate charge and tier 1 price applied. The next 1600 gallons fell within Tier 2, and the breakdown of that cost is also shown, followed by the total gallons and total charge.

water bill charge amounts

These new tabs bring all of the most important information about your account to the top of the bill. This makes it much easier to see what you paid last month and what’s left to pay this month.

graph showing water used over a yearlong periodThe monthly usage graph has been expanded to show twice as many months of usage than before. Now you can easily track your water usage over the course of an entire year. You can still compare the current month usage over what you used in the same month last year, as the graph will always give a full 13-month snapshot, making this comparison possible.

details about water bill

The final thing we’d like to point out on the new bill is the inclusion of our newest bill payment option, the phone payment. This system allows you to call in and make a payment over the phone. This gives you more options than ever before so you can utilize the payment method that is most convenient for you.

We appreciate all of the feedback we get from you, our residents. It’s our hope that the new water bill will help you better understand your usage and what you’re being charged for that usage. As always, we are here to assist you in any way you can, so if you have any questions about your water account or when you receive the new bill need help understanding it, please don’t hesitate to call us at (817)246-4971.



A glance at the proposed 2018-2019 budget & tax rate

At a special meeting on July 31, the White Settlement City Council and those in attendance got an updated look at the proposed 2018-2019 budget as well as the proposed tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year. When work began on the budget over a month ago it was projected to have an almost $2 million deficit. City staff went through multiple budget revisions, making tough decisions to create a balanced budget to present to the City Council that still maintained services while delivering on current priorities such as public safety and infrastructure.


The balanced budget was able to be achieved despite a tax rate that is remaining almost completely untouched. The current tax rate is 0.762127 per 100 and the proposed tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year is 0.762186 per 100. That’s an increase of just .000059 cents. This increase will impact most homeowners by less than two dollars in the coming year and will generate around $430 in extra income for the City.


The major change in the coming year is associated with rising property values in the City. The Tarrant Appraisal District numbers show that the average home value in the City rose by over $8,000. While a higher value for your home does mean a slightly higher total tax bill, it’s also an indicator of the positive growth that is happening in the City. Combined residential and commercial values in the City rose $112 million, from $1,001,155,327 in 2017 to $1,113,358,852 in 2018.


One thing that illustrates the amount of growth happening in the City is the amount of new construction value that was added. In 2017, a total of $5,623,122 worth of new construction ($1.7 million residential, $3.9 million commercial) was built in White Settlement. In 2018, that number jumped to $33,835,647 worth of new construction ($4.3 million residential, $29.5 million commercial).


Public safety and infrastructure were the two main priorities coming into this budget process. The Fire Department will be getting more full-time positions, giving them the ability to regularly run five-person crews on each of their three shifts. The department will now have a Fire Chief, three full-time Captains, three full time Engineers, three full-time Firefighters, and six part-time Firefighters and will receive market raises for all full-time positions. They will also be receiving a new squad truck which will be used for answering medical calls.

The Police Department is getting some attention as well with market raises being applied to multiple levels of positions within the department. This includes entry-level officers, a position that is becoming more difficult to fill as surrounding Cities compete for candidates. White Settlement was on the lower end of the pay scale for this position, which is why the decision was made to raise the salary. They’ll also be receiving three new vehicles and upgrades to the parking area behind the Police Station.

As for infrastructure, the massive Dale Lane project will see over a mile of that busy thoroughfare get completely redone and upgraded. Also upcoming will be water and sewer line projects on Hackamore, Tumbleweed, and Pemberton, as well as road projects on Hackamore, Tumbleweed, and Pemberton that will be completed over a three year period. Minor projects will also be done at one of the sewer lift stations and at one of the well sites.

Splash Dayz is in the midst of having its best season ever. Final numbers won’t be available until the waterpark ends its season in September, but the amount needed from the general fund budget to stabilize the park will be lower than ever before. This is a positive sign that the park is finding its footing and making positive steps forward on the path towards being self-sustaining.


Getting from a $2 million deficit to a balanced budget takes a lot of sacrifices and that’s evident in this budget. All departments were asked to scale back and present tighter budgets. In addition to the departments having to scale back, the City Manager and the City Secretary chose not to take their contractually guaranteed raises for the coming year. The employee raises were cut from the budget, two major positions will not be filled this year, and the health insurance contribution from the City to employees was decreased. These were hard choices to make but necessary to ensure that the City continues to run in a manner that is financially sound and prudent with taxpayer dollars.


At the Council meeting, one elected official stated that after this budget there will be great things from here on out. It’s an optimistic statement that is supported by the many new construction projects and rising property values in the City. City Manager Jeff James spoke of this as a transitional year as the City recovers from the loss of certain big sales tax businesses and waits for the sales tax from new businesses to open up and kick in. Continuing to invest in public safety and tackling infrastructure with a strategic ground up, sewer/water line first, then road approach gives the budget a fulfillment of all the stated priorities without raising taxes.

Public hearings on the proposed tax rate will be held at meetings on August 28 and September 4 and a public hearing on the proposed budget will be held at a special Council meeting on September 4, so anyone with questions, comments or concerns should make plans to attend and make their voices heard.


Upcoming Oncor Tree Trimming Activity

The City is aware that many of you in the Wilbur Street area are facing upcoming tree trimming and possible tree removal by Oncor. When we learned about this, we got in contact with Oncor and set up a meeting. At this meeting, we expressed our concerns to Oncor representative Suzan Greene over the impact this was going to have on the homeowners in that area and the negative appearance of trees that are drastically pruned. She was receptive to our concerns and stated that anyone with questions or concerns can reach out to her directly. She also informed us of Oncor’s intention and need to move forward with this tree trimming action. As there exists an easement on these properties that Oncor controls, the City cannot stop them from coming in and doing the work they feel is necessary to ensure the safety of residents and the health of the power lines in that area. Federal and state guidelines do exist that govern Oncor’s work in maintaining their infrastructure, and Oncor believes that this work is in line with those guidelines.

We understand that trees beautify property and that homeowners often have an attachment to them. We love all of the great trees in White Settlement, too. Just like you, we’re sorry to have to see any trees removed or drastically cut and trimmed. We understand, however, that having limbs come into contact with power lines can create a critical public safety issue. We want the same thing as all of you, a reliable, safe energy network that has as little of an impact on the environment around it as possible.

If you have questions or concerns about this, contact Suzan Greene with Oncor directly by calling 817-215-6475. She has assured us that Oncor is ready and willing to engage with our residents and work with them to understand this process. If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly by Oncor in this process or that there are discrepancies between what your property plat/survey says and what theirs say, we strongly encourage you to contact the Texas Public Utility Commission and voice your concerns to them. They can be reached at 1-888-782-8477.


May 8 Motorcycle Safety Proclamation


On May 8, 2018, the White Settlement City Council made a proclamation naming the month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The City proudly joins with the hundreds of other cities and counties across Texas who for years have annually taken this action in support of saving lives and safe driving. Any suggestion that this proclamation in some way honored or recognized any particular motorcycle club is factually incorrect and represents a complete misunderstanding of the proclamation.

Our city council meetings are open to the public and we do not discriminate in any way. Anyone is allowed to attend. We have reviewed the video footage from the meeting as well as photographs taken by staff members. Representatives from several area motorcycle clubs were on hand as the proclamation was read. The Bandidos were not one of those clubs.

It is unfortunate that the statements of one individual have been taken as fact and reported as such by media outlets who did not take the time to confirm the accuracy of what they were told by a single source. My sincere hope is that this statement will not add to any discourse on this subject but will only add some clarification.

Thank you,

Jeffrey J James
City Manager

*the proclamation in question is available below
Motorcycle Awareness 2018


Garage Sales for this weekend


9201 NATHAN (JUNE 8-9)

632 S REDFORD (JUNE 9-10)



625 COMAL (JUNE 9)

9324 RHEA CT (JUNE 8-9)








permit required 







Lease Termination with Hawaiian Falls Questions Answered

   There have been many questions regarding the status of the water park in White Settlement. What follows is the most current information regarding the water park within White Settlement.

As of April 26, 2016 the City has regained full operational control of the water park previously known as Hawaiian Falls White Settlement. The lease agreement between the City and Hawaiian Falls White Settlement has been terminated. City staff worked diligently with the parent company, Source Capital, to secure payment of past due lease payments, which with penalties, are currently in excess of $900,000.00. The representative of Source Capital, Mr. Ben Emmons, has advised the City that the delinquent lease payments will not be paid anytime in the near future, and that future lease payments may not be paid as scheduled. Recent negotiations between the parties have not been productive.

Over the next few days you will notice the Hawaiian Falls White Settlement signage being removed. This is necessary as the park is no longer part of the Hawaiian Falls family of parks. This does not in any way mean the park is permanently closing. The City has simply assumed operational control of the facility and will be establishing a name unique to our park. Staff is also working to ensure future employment and guest relations are handled professionally at the City’s facility.

You may also notice city employees working at the location. The park is in need of repairs and upkeep before we open it. City personnel are working tirelessly with other professionals to prepare the park for the upcoming season. Due to much needed preparations at the facility, an opening date cannot be confirmed at this time. The City wants its patrons to enjoy a safe and fun waterpark.

Questions regarding ticket purchases, bookings and other scheduled events made through Hawaiian Falls should be directed to Hawaiian Falls at 1-888-544-7550. The City, along with its legal counsel, is unable to answer questions for Hawaiian Falls. Hawaiian Falls still exists; Hawaiian Falls White Settlement does not. Employment opportunities offered through Hawaiian Falls should also be directed to Hawaiian Falls.

The City will be making announcements soon regarding future ticket sales and employment opportunities during the transition. The City is adamant to see the park facility grow, provide seasonal employment for our youth and other professionals, as well as ensure excellent customer service during and after the changeover.

Feel free to email the City at with any questions you may have that were not addressed above.