Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of each month as needed.

The Planning and Zoning Commission is responsible for procuring information and making recommendations to the City Council on the creation or modification of zoning districts. The Commission serves as a recommending body to the City Council regarding the approval or disapproval of all preliminary, final, and revised plats of land. The Commission shall discharge all functions involving city planning and zoning by law or ordinance, and shall investigate, study, and submit reports and recommendations to the City Council on all such matters as it or the City Council deem appropriate and which have any relation to municipal planning or zoning.

To apply, complete a Board & Commission form and email to

Board & Commission Form: DOC / PDF

Board Members Term
Dusty Pulliam Feb 2019
Judith Smith Feb 2019
Tommie Daniels Feb 2020
Vacant Feb 2020
Debra Cook Feb 2020
Marolee Lunsford Feb 2018
Victor Corralejo Feb 2018


Planning & Zoning Videos

Filename / LinkSize
Planning and Zoning 2015-12-01.wmv752.85 Mb
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Planning & Zoning Agendas & Minutes

2017 Planning & Zoning Agenda Planning & Zoning Minutes
January January 3, 2017 P&Z Agenda  
February February 7, 2017 P&Z Agenda  
April April 4, 2017 P&Z Agenda  
May May 2, 2017 P&Z Agenda  
June June 6, 2017 P&Z Agenda  
July July 5, 2017 P&Z Agenda  
August August 1, 2017 P&Z Agenda  
2016 Planning & Zoning Agenda Planning & Zoning Minutes
June June 13, 2016 P&Z Agenda  
July July 5, 2016 P&Z Agenda July 5, 2016 P&Z Minutes
August August 2, 2016 P&Z Agenda  
2015 Planning & Zoning Agenda Planning & Zoning Minutes
March March 2, 2015 P&Z Agenda March 2, 2015 P&Z Minutes
April April 7, 2015 P&Z Agenda April 7, 2015 P&Z Minutes
May May 5, 2015 P&Z Agenda  
June June 2, 2015 P&Z Agenda  
July July 7, 2015 P&Z Agenda