Library Board

The Library Board advises the City Council on activities relating to the Public Library. The Board is primarily responsible for making informed recommendations regarding library services and programs to best promote the Public Library for the City. Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month as needed.

To apply, complete a Board & Commission form and email to

Board & Commission Form: DOC / PDF

Board Members Term
Catalina Gallegos Feb 2019
Verda (Vicki) Norman Feb 2019
Mary Jackson Feb 2019
William Morris Feb 2019
Patricia Melton Feb 2018
Lillian Blackburn Feb 2018
Kathryn Nichols Feb 2018


Library Board Videos

Filename / LinkSize
Library 2017-07-13.wmv1.41 Gb
Library 2017-05-11.wmv1.01 Gb
Library 2017-04-13.wmv761.53 Mb
Library 2017-03-09.wmv245.09 Mb
Library 2017-02-09.wmv111.09 Mb
Library 2017-01-12.wmv503.04 Mb
Library 2016-10-13.wmv376.5 Mb
Library 2016-08-11.wmv1.47 Gb
Library 2016-03-10.wmv222.5 Mb

Library Board Agendas & Minutes

2017 Library Board Agenda
July July 13, 2017 Library Agenda
August August 10, 2017 Library Agenda