About Us

Mission Statement

The government of the City of White Settlement exists to promote and sustain a superior quality of life. In partnership with the community and others, we pledge to deliver cost-effective services and quality facilities in a personal, responsive, and innovative manner.

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In accomplishing this mission, the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and City Employees will be guided by these principles:

Respect for Others


Fairness and Integrity

Open, accessible government, where citizen participation is vital and strongly encouraged

Fiscal responsibility

A focus on progressive thinking and positive solutions

Fact-based decisions

A long-term perspective

Continuous community and personal improvement

Win-win partnerships with other public and private entities


Many are curious as to the origins of the name of “White Settlement”. This was originally bestowed upon the community by several Indian tribes in the area. During the 1800’s, a time when much of the territory was unsettled, the local Native Americans became aware of new people moving into the area. As these families established homesteads, the Native Americans began to call the area “White Settlement”. Later, many of the roaming Indians settled down in the area and the name continued as the two cultures lived peacefully along the Farmer’s Branch Creek.