City Council


  • Ronald A. White, Mayor
    Term expires: November 2020
  • Paul Moore, Place 1
    Term expires: November 2020
  • Evelyn Spurlock, Place 2
    Term expires: November 2022
  • Amber Munoz, Place 3
    Term expires: November 2022
  • Christina Grudzinski, Place 4
    Term expires: November 2021
  • Gregg Geesa, Place 5
    Term expires: November 2021

How Our Council Works

The City of White Settlement is governed by the City Council - City Manager form of government. The City Council is established under the City Charter of the City of White Settlement and has certain prescribed responsibilities. The City Council sets general policies in compliance with the City Charter and gives direction and guidance to the City Manager who implements those policies. Included are final budget approval for each fiscal year and approval of all city ordinances and resolutions. The City Council members represent all the citizens of White Settlement and strive to make decisions that will support the good of the community.


The members of the City Council of the City of White Settlement, which includes 5 council members and a mayor, are the only elected officers of the city. The council members are elected at large and serve a three-year term. The City Council has powers outlined in the City Charter and granted to Home Rule Cities by the Constitution and the Laws of the State of Texas.

Public Meeting Attendance

Citizens are encouraged to attend City Council meetings and to participate in their local government. If you would like to speak at a Council meeting, please complete the Request to Appear Before City Council Form (PDF). The form is also available at City Hall and must be submitted to the City Secretary prior to the start of meeting to be recognized.