August 29, 2017 Special Council Meeting


In case you weren’t able to attend, here’s what happened at the latest meeting of the White Settlement City Council.

Public hearing on proposed tax rate

The second public hearing on the proposed tax rate was held. This gives anyone interested an opportunity to address the council regarding the proposed tax rate. The current tax rate sits at .7556 and the proposed new rate is .7621. Mayor Ronald A. White asked how much more money this new rate will generate for the City. Finance Director Mary Morgan responded, stating that it will raise a total of $491,000 more, with $426,000 coming from existing homes and $65,000 coming from new homes. An illustration was then shown of how this increase will affect individual home owners. Someone with a home valued at $100,000 will pay a total of $6.43 more due to the tax increase while someone with an average valued home (around $60,000) will pay a total of $4.39 more.

The public hearing was opened up to comments and one member of the audience spoke. They stated that they would like to see the City be more frugal instead of increasing taxes, stating that even though the increase was small they have seen the City make small tax increases several years in a row. The speaker told the council that multiple small increases add up.

With no one else wishing to speak the public hearing was closed.

Small cell infrastructure ordinance

Council also heard a matter regarding a new State bill that has been passed. This new bill requires that wireless infrastructure providers be given access to public rights of way. Council spoke about internet access and the means to achieve becoming a part of the infrastructure system. The proposed new ordinance would put the city in line with new State requirements, setting up a system that would allow wireless providers to request the ability to put a pole that can be used to provide wireless access. There will be a fee required to be paid to the city to install these poles, and equipment will be required to be installed in a manner that is visually appealing and not disruptive.

A motion was made to approve the ordinance. That motion passed unanimously.

With no further items on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned.