Simple Recycling Program runs with curbside pick-up


Curbside Recycling of Clothing, Shoes and Home Goods is available in the City of White Settlement.

Beginning June 8th, 2017, the City of White Settlement adopted the highest impact residential waste reduction initiative in the U.S. that is completely free to the city and its residents.

White Settlement residents can recycle reusable clothing, shoes, and household items with free, curbside pick-up on their second trash collection day of each week.  Simply place your bags provided by Simple Recycling beside your trash bin before 7:30 AM on your second trash collection day and Simple Recycling will be by to grab them.  It’s that easy.  Simple Recycling will even leave behind replacement bags for future use.

For a list of acceptable items, you can visit their website at

All collected clothing, shoes and home goods are diverted from the waste stream, reducing tipping costs at the landfill, and begin their journey of reuse and recycling. By participating in this program, Simple Recycling creates jobs through the collection, sorting and resale of items otherwise destined for the landfill while finding a new life for your unwanted clothing, shoes and home goods. Additionally, White Settlement is compensated on a “per pound” basis for the material collected by Simple Recycling.

Without a curbside program, 85% of clothing, shoes, and reusable home goods get thrown into a landfill. On average, that results in 21 BILLION pounds of textile waste in the United States annually. White Settlement and other Texas communities have partnered with Simple Recycling in order to help change these shocking numbers and reduce the amount of reusable home good waste (which makes up to 15% of the residential waste stream) that ends up in our landfills.

Simple Recycling, based in Solon, Ohio, is the largest and fastest growing curbside recycling program in the nation. Currently, Simple Recycling services approximately 1.2 million households in Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Texas. This convenient service offers residents the opportunity to be involved in the highest environmental impact initiative at no cost.

To request additional bags, you can visit their website at and for any additional questions you can reach Simple Recycling at 1-866-835-5068 or via email at