Q&A w/ City Secretary Amy Arnold

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Thanks to everyone who sent in questions through Facebook, email, and even in person!  I sat down with Amy this morning and here are her answers.

Question: Can you comment on some of the craziest laws we still may have on the books from back in the old days?

Amy: The craziest law I have come across is that “It shall be unlawful to color, dye, stain, or otherwise change the natural color of any chickens, ducklings, other fowl, or rabbits, or to possess for the purpose of sale or to be given away, any of the animals mentioned in this section which have been so colored.” That’s the most outlandish one I’ve come across. Don’t paint your chickens!


Question: What’s the most challenging part of your day?

Amy: It’s all kind of challenging, but not in a bad way. I wear a lot of hats and have a lot of different job duties.  Each hat I wear has its challenges, but that keeps me engaged and takes the monotony out of the day.


Question: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Amy: My favorite part of the job is the way we’re all close here in the workplace. Here at City Hall as we serve the community, everyone gets along and it feels like a family.


Question: What led you into this position?

Amy: I was driving an hour into work and so I began looking for a job closer to home. I put in for a position here and began as an administrative assistant and in 2008 the council voted to name me City Secretary.


Question: When are you going to have more cookies in your office? I was in there a few weeks ago and saw cookies, but now there aren’t any cookies.

Amy: I always have a candy dish and sometimes we have extras like cookies. It’s just a fun thing I like to do for the staff. There’s something about a piece of candy or a cookie that can make your day a little less stressful.


Question: What is one of your favorite places to go out to eat?

Amy: I like to drive and so some of my favorite places to eat are Ninfas in Waco at the Spice Village, GristMill in Gruene is really good, and there’s a little Mexican food place in Marietta, Oklahoma that I love to eat at called LaRoca. Every Sunday I also crave a Georgia mud fudge blizzard from Dairy Queen.


Amy: Great questions, everyone, I hope you like the answers! Have a great weekend!