Q&A w/ Community Services Director Richard Tharp

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Thanks to everyone who emailed in and messaged questions.  Community Services Director Rich Tharp sat down answered each one of them this morning!

Question: How has it been managing the new services (library/seniors)?

Rich: It’s worked out well because all the different areas are different facets of community service. Being over each one of these areas allows us to work together better and streamline services. The staff has enjoyed it as well, as it’s brought everyone together and allowed them to work together more closely.


Question: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Rich: I enjoy working with people and helping to provide the community with great places they can come enjoy and spend time.


Question: What feature would you most like to see added to our parks?

Rich: The City just completed the Park Recreation and Open Space Master Plan and from the studies we determined that our citizens would like to see a linked hike and bike trail system. This would allow you to walk or ride your bike through multiple areas in the City. This was identified in our citizen survey as something that there is much interest in.


Question: Have you ever seen the TV show Parks & Rec? What character on there do you most identify with?

Rich: Yes, I have. According to my kids, it’s definitely Ron Swanson, because of the mustache.


Question: Are there any classes or programs that the City has that get overlooked and you’d like to tell people about?

Rich: Some of our newer programs are getting people involved in the Community Garden, our adopt a street program and the Central Park trash pickup on April 8.


Question: Is there a secret book in the library? If so, can you provide information on that book? Are you willing to disclose to little ol‘ me where I can find it?

Rich: I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such a book. However, if there were a secret book, it would most likely be located in the children’s non-fiction section, bottom shelf, on the right.


Rich:  Thanks for the questions!  Everyone have a great weekend!