Q&A w/ Assistant City Manager Jeff James

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Thanks so much to all of you for your great questions. Assistant City Manager Jeff James sat down and answered each one of them this afternoon!

Question: Are there any plans of a grocery store coming to White Settlement?

Jeff: We are currently trying to recruit a grocery store to come here. A grocery store coming to our market has a lot to do if they feel like they can make money here. It’s hard for us because we have a walmart on both sides of the city, an aldi on both sides of the city, and an Albertsons nearby.

Sometimes it’s not the city’s decision, and can come down to negotiations between the grocery store and whoever owns the property they are interested in. But the city is actively trying to get a grocery store here, yes.


Question: I was just going to ask what a daily admission price is, and what a season pass price is?

Jeff: Here are the prices for Splash Dayz.

Day passes

$18.95 over 48 inches

$16.95 under 48 inches

$16.95 for seniors and military

$12 twilight after 4 pm

Season pass $49.95 for ws resident

$64.95 for regular season pass

Family 4 pack is $59.95 per

Cooler/container pass is $15

Cooler season pass is $45


Question: How many code inspectors do we have? I was raised here and then moved back in 2001 and I feel that we would attract more businesses if we “cleaned up” our city.

Jeff: We have two code officers but any police officer can enforce municipal code. We are attempting to clean up the city. Cleaning up the city is a process that I feel all citizens here in town are in favor of. The idea of cleaning up the city means a lot of different things. If you want the city to tell a homeowner to paint their house or to fix their driveway or put shrubbery around the house that is pleasing to whoever is looking at it, those are things that the city is not able to do. City ordinances when it comes to code enforcement are limited to tall grass and weeds, trash, junk, and debris, and the health and safety of the citizens that may be living or working in a structure. We attempt on all levels to try to make this town a positive and good experience for those people who live here, work here, and visit our community. We try very hard to walk a fine line between informing citizens of a code matter that is their responsibility to clean up while not insulting our citizens. We are not always successful at this. We don’t want anyone to feel as if we are harassing them. It’s not the goal of the code enforcement or the city in general to make citizens feel that way.


Question: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Jeff: I love this town and I love living here and working here. I feel like dealing with problems, even though a lot of times the people involved are angry, for the most part we come up with good solutions for citizen’s concerns. I like feeling like we’re doing some good here.


Question: Is it true that city employees who also live in White Settlement, receive FREE WATER?

Jeff: No, that is not true. There used to be a water credit given to volunteer firemen but the IRS has said that this kind of credit is actually compensation and they should be taxed on it. So the city no longer participates in that program.


Question: At some of the intersections with lights it only allows one direction for some to go at a time. Example. Lvt and silvercreek. East west. With it being a high traffic and more than one lane at the intersection. Why not make inside lane turn left and the right lane go straight. While allowing east/west to go at the same time. It would be using yellow caution arrow for the turn and if the turn was missed then the next cycle it run a green arrow (protected left turn). This would allow lockheed traffic to flow smoother while letting those traveling towards lockheed headed home to get home faster while also reducing red light times. Could the city change the lights to be configured that way.

Jeff: Traffic lights are controlled either by cameras that monitor traffic flow or by weight when they measure how many cars are sitting at the light. We have a combination of both of those in the city. Unfortunately, traffic lights are very expensive and there’s only a handful of people on the county’s list of approved people to do traffic lights. We choose to use people on that list so we can know we’re getting approved and knowledgeable contractors to put up the lights. This means that we end up on a list for the contractor and they get to our city as soon as they can, but we are not always a high priority because we are not their biggest customer. We don’t have city employees who are dedicated to doing this job, so we must use these contractors. I was just informed that signal light work is scheduled to take place for us on March 8.


Question: I’m a bit curious as to why Splash Dayz cost has not been reduced….it was one of the goals when White Settlement canceled the contract with Hawaiian Falls?

Jeff: The cost of pricing for Splash Dayz tickets is less than the cost of Hawaiian Falls tickets. A one day admittance to Splash Dayz is $18.95. A one day admittance ticket to Hawaiian Falls is $28.99. A regular season pass to Splash Dayz is $64.95. A regular season pass to Hawaiian Falls is $79.99. There are additional discounts to Splash Dayz season passes for residents of the city, costing just $49.95. This also makes us less expensive than Splash Kingdom, NRH2O, and Hurricane Harbor. We are also the only park I’m aware of that has an after 4 pm price of just $12 to get into the water park and the park remains open until 8 pm.


Question: When is silver creek road going to be fixed and repaved? It is getting worse day after day and it takes on a lot of traffic.

Jeff: Silver Creek Road is a high priority street for this City. We are well aware that not only our citizens but also commuters who work at Lockheed drive on Silver Creek. We will be doing this project in conjunction with Tarrant County, which means we have to work along with their schedule. We’re fortunate the county is going to partner with us on this project, as it helps greatly with the cost. The city and the county started on Monday of this week working on this project. So work on Silver Creek is now underway.


Question: Are more restaurants in our future? And I don’t mean ones with a drive thru lol

Jeff: There will be more places to eat in our future. We’re aware of at least three recognizable fast food restaurants that are looking at buying land in White Settlement and building here. The city is working diligently on attracting a sit-down restaurant. Most of the restaurants we’ve spoken to are encouraged by the growth happening in White Settlement and on the West side of Fort Worth. So far we’ve not been able to find a restaurant as of yet who has told the city that they are going to build here, however, please keep in mind that 99% of these negotiations are outside of the city’s control because the negotiation will be between the property owner and the restaurant owner. The city does not own any land where we have been told the majority of restaurants would like to build, which is at the entry points of the city off of the highway. These include White Settlement Road, Clifford Street, Las Vegas Trail, and Cherry Lane.


Jeff: Thank you so much for your questions. I really enjoyed this chance to speak with all of you today.