Marshal’s Office firearm certification

The three members of the City of White Settlement Marshal’s Office spent part of their day last week testing for their annual firearm certification. City Marshal Jeff James, Deputy City Marshal Melvin Wilson, and Deputy City Marshal Randy Rogers traveled to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department to do their testing on the firearms range there. The test requires the marshals to fire 50 rounds at a target from four different distances, from 3 yards, 7 yards, 10 yards, and 15 yards. All three members of the WS Marshal’s office scored 96% or better and received their annual certification. They certified on their duty weapons, backup weapons, and off duty weapons. This certification makes sure that the Marshals remain trained and ready should the need arise to use their weapon.

“Firing your weapon isn’t something you ever take lightly,” Deputy City Marshal Melvin Wilson said. “You’re accountable for every single shell you fire.”

The Marshal’s office has many duties within the city, from serving warrants, contacting those with warrants, participating in code compliance issues, assisting animal control, and even acting as security for Splash Dayz waterpark.

“The Marshal’s do pretty much everything,” Wilson said.

In addition to working as Deputy City Marshal, Wilson also serves as the City’s Fire Marshal.