August 9, 2016 Council Rundown


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All council members were present for the August 9, 2016, meeting of the White Settlement City Council. After opening the meeting, council voted to move the executive session set for the end of the meeting to the beginning. This was done to avoid paying more attorney fees than necessary as part of the executive session required the council to speak with an attorney. Items highlighted on the executive session agenda were to seek advice from City Attorney and to conduct the performance reviews of City Manager Jim Ryan and City Secretary Amy Arnold.

After meeting in executive session, the council reconvened in open session. Council member Steve Ott made a motion directing staff to proceed as discussed in the executive session. That motion passed unanimously.


Ott made a motion to postpone several planned public hearings that would deal with re-zoning, platting, and re-platting. Ott stated that he would like to see more documentation on these issues before council considered them. That motion passed unanimously.


Fire Marshal Melvin Wilson brought this item before the council that would change the rules for attic sprinklers in commercial businesses. Wilson said the current rule requires commercial structures that are two stories or above must have attic sprinklers. The proposed change would make only three story and above structures required to have attic sprinklers. Wilson described the current rule as being strict and said that many other municipalities only require the attic sprinklers on structures three stories and above.

Council member Ott expressed some concern over the wording over the ordinance, wanting to make certain that the ordinance wasn’t going to mean attached garages for residential houses had to install fire sprinklers. Council member Dave Mann made a motion to approve the ordinance with a wording change that would make it clear that sprinklers are only required in garages if they’re attached to a structure that is three stories or higher. That motion passed unanimously.


This proposal would see the Co-operative Industries property on Cherry Lane re-platted so that the company can build a new building on the north part of the property. This would take up some of the area that is now a parking lot. This issue was approved by the Planning and Zoning board earlier this month.

A public hearing was held on this matter. One speaker addressed the council and informed them that the new building would be around 100,000 square feet in size.

With no one else wishing to speak, a motion was made to close the public hearing. That motion passed unanimously.

Council member Paul Moore made a motion to approve the re-plat request. That motion passed unanimously.


City Manager Jim Ryan spoke first on this item, telling the council that a potential new business would like to open on the corner of I20 and Clifford, which falls partially in the Glenn Acres addition. That means that a majority of those in the addition who have deed restrictions would need to waive them so the business can build. Ryan explained that signatures to waive those restrictions were being gathered, but that the City owns several lots in that area as well. Before the council was an action that would allow them to waive their deed restrictions. A motion was made by Paul Moore to allow the Mayor and City Secretary to sign the documents that would waive the deed restrictions on the City owned lots in that area. That motion passed unanimously.


This item was presented by Mayor Ronald A. White. He asked Council to place into the budget money to cover storage fees for the local Community Chest through the end of December. Previously housed for free by a church, the Community Chest recently had to move their storage into a paid storage facility. The council voiced their wish to help with the fees, with council member Elzie Clements making a motion to approve the expenditure of a little more than $500 to cover the fees through the end of the year. That motion passed unanimously.