Norris and Ella Chambers Amphitheater

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There are many structures and areas around town that are named in honor of people. From time to time we’ll be focusing on one of these to remember who the person was that was honored and why they were deserving of such an honor. One of the most recent structures to be named is the amphitheater at Central Park, which since 2013 has been known as the Norris and Ella Chambers Amphitheater. This honor came shortly after Norris passed away. Norris was born in 1917 and his life was full of adventure and love. He served in the Merchant Marines during World War 2, owned and operated radio and television repair shops, operated a one man printing shop, and was an electronic technician with General Dynamics. He also served as a trustee on the WSISD school board and served on multiple City boards. He was also heavily involved in the White Settlement Historical Society and Museum. His long life and history is uniquely preserved through his “Old Timer’s Tales” that he posted online and later ran in a local newspaper. Those tales painted a vivid picture of life in a bygone era.  

It’s impossible to say much about Norris without talking about his wife, Ella. She was always by his side and their long partnership in life inspired those around them. This was evident in the words of then Mayor Jerry Burns, who spoke about their marriage at a council meeting in September of 2012 when Norris Chambers was being honored and September 6 was established as Norris Chambers Day in the City of White Settlement.

“He and his wife have led a life that will inspire others,” Mayor Burns said. “If you want to know how to live, you want to know how to love, watch this man and his wife. They set an example that will last through eternity.”