Lease Termination with Hawaiian Falls Questions Answered

   There have been many questions regarding the status of the water park in White Settlement. What follows is the most current information regarding the water park within White Settlement.

As of April 26, 2016 the City has regained full operational control of the water park previously known as Hawaiian Falls White Settlement. The lease agreement between the City and Hawaiian Falls White Settlement has been terminated. City staff worked diligently with the parent company, Source Capital, to secure payment of past due lease payments, which with penalties, are currently in excess of $900,000.00. The representative of Source Capital, Mr. Ben Emmons, has advised the City that the delinquent lease payments will not be paid anytime in the near future, and that future lease payments may not be paid as scheduled. Recent negotiations between the parties have not been productive.

Over the next few days you will notice the Hawaiian Falls White Settlement signage being removed. This is necessary as the park is no longer part of the Hawaiian Falls family of parks. This does not in any way mean the park is permanently closing. The City has simply assumed operational control of the facility and will be establishing a name unique to our park. Staff is also working to ensure future employment and guest relations are handled professionally at the City’s facility.

You may also notice city employees working at the location. The park is in need of repairs and upkeep before we open it. City personnel are working tirelessly with other professionals to prepare the park for the upcoming season. Due to much needed preparations at the facility, an opening date cannot be confirmed at this time. The City wants its patrons to enjoy a safe and fun waterpark.

Questions regarding ticket purchases, bookings and other scheduled events made through Hawaiian Falls should be directed to Hawaiian Falls at 1-888-544-7550. The City, along with its legal counsel, is unable to answer questions for Hawaiian Falls. Hawaiian Falls still exists; Hawaiian Falls White Settlement does not. Employment opportunities offered through Hawaiian Falls should also be directed to Hawaiian Falls.

The City will be making announcements soon regarding future ticket sales and employment opportunities during the transition. The City is adamant to see the park facility grow, provide seasonal employment for our youth and other professionals, as well as ensure excellent customer service during and after the changeover.

Feel free to email the City at with any questions you may have that were not addressed above.