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There are two great fishing spots for anyone looking to fish in White Settlement. 

VETERAN’S PARK POND - 8901 Clifford St
CENTRAL PARK POND - 8902 George St


  1. Catch and release must be practiced at all times while fishing in White Settlement
  2. No net/trot line fishing is allowed


  1. Aim for an early morning or evening casting time, when the fish are most active
  2. Crappie & Bluegill fish are most attracted to corn, worms, fish eggs, and crappie bites
  3. Use a bobber/float when fishing for Crappie & Bluegill
  4. Catfish are most attracted to stink bait, hot dog chunks, and liver
  5. Use a sinker when fishing for Catfish
  6. Bass are most attracted to crickets, grasshoppers, shallow crankbait, minnows, and worms
  7. To avoid scaring off the fish, walk slowly and quietly along the shoreline and stay several feet back from the water